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Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House to Direct Home Buyers

No commissions

It reduces the 6% in commissions that would be going for the realtor’s fee, instead of getting the same good price in full without deducting anything. It’s just a pity to waste your money without gaining real value for it.

It will be sold much quicker

It’s because you don’t need to wait till the realtor finds somebody that may or may not be interested in buying, and then you need to hope that he is going to arrive at the closing table. If you are selling directly to a home buyer, you can do all the research before and know that you can trust him and get your money in just a matter of days.

You will save money

Real estate agents typically charge a commission, but selling a house directly to buyers results in significant financial savings. When you engage a realtor, they will charge you a fee to promote and sell your home. Additionally, they will retain a portion of the final sales price. However, if you choose to sell it directly, you’ll be responsible for your marketing expenses.

Better asking price

When you sell your house directly to buyers, you have a chance to receive the most acceptable deal and consequently at a lower price. However, when a real estate agent sells a home, the agency typically provides the homeowner with a list of numerous potential buyers. The issue is that they are all required to pay the same sum.

Direct Home Buyers Will Buy Your House As-is 

Direct home buyers will buy as-is with no need to do any repairs or cleaning prior to closing. In a normal sale on the MLS buyers will ask for inspection credits or repairs prior to closing.


Direct home buyers can cover all of your costs. Not only can they save a seller 5-6% in commission that agents typically charge, but they can also come out of pocket for other fees such as transfer tax, recording fees and title insurance too. This is a huge differentiator for a seller. Home sellers may even end up walking away with more cash than the traditional listing approach which further proves the value of an all-cash local investor. Why would a homeowner want to deal with the headaches and hassles of listing on the MLS if they can net the same amount from an investor. It just makes more sense.

If you are looking to sell your house to direct home buyers, reaching out to us is the best option you can do. Just get in touch.

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